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OPUS Infiniti is the best IT service provider in the industry. We have more than two decades of experience rendering unparalleled IT services for diversified industries and clients across the globe. The exponential increase of our clientele is the reward for our commitment towards our customers and the pursuit to be the best in the industry, which has made us the preferred destination.

The New Standard In Condo Management

Ezicondo provides perfect solution which can be an intelligent value-addition to any ongoing business. Our strength not only lies in our diligence, experience and keeping abreast with the technologies, but predominantly in our ability to understand people. The collaboration will fuel the growth of your firm and help you to attain newer horizons.

EZI Condo is a solution that supports property owner to handle various property association management operations. It is very easy to use effectively by both individual associations and professional management company with hundreds of different clients.




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Thousands of property managers, condo associations and HOAs use condo management software to communicate, manage, organize and optimize their day-to-day operations.

Maintenance Request Tracking

Powerful maintenance management tools eliminate paperwork, improve response times, and automate tasks.

Residents, owners, or employees can submit work orders, and attach videos, documents, and images. Get status updates from your phone, tablet or desktop.

Security Log

Security persons can efficiently record logs throughout their shifts and allow managers to easily access past and present security logs created by security guards 24/7.

Owner Portal

Provide easy access to add facility to their own unit, create rental agreement and can raise rental invoice to tenant over mail.

Saves Money and Time

We understand time is money, our solutions helps you to use your time effectively. These efficiencies lead to more work and reduced cost. We even help you track your productivity.

Our cloud based web application helps you to access it over Smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop wherever you go. eziCondo will be with you everywhere.


No more paper document maintenance. Our system allows you to have all documentation for your associations accessible with a single click. From a house rent bill to electricity bill payment receipt. You can even share these documents with others just as easy. So get ready to be "green" and kiss the paper goodbye.

Easy Communication

The owners of the condo will be able to monitor their tenants on rental payment, meter reading for electricity, water and fuel. With additional facilities like Chat room, notification alerts make the entire software robust and efficient.

Tenant Portal

The tenant can do communicate with the owner and the maintenance workers. Can view rental agreement, confirm payment of rental invoice, raise complaint, Finalize complaint etc.

Role-based Permissions

Use role-based permissions to ensure confidentiality. Just provide access to certain menus and properties depending on the persons role.

Simple and Powerful to use

Ezicondo offers an integrated technology driven platform that anyone can use. Completely designed to track every works inside the condo management. Powerful and simple to use, it is easy to get set up and on your way to a better overall management process.

Manage Facility Bookings

Booking conference rooms or Gym, Massage Centre, SPA, Vehicle Parking etc., is now only a few clicks away. Managers can then approve or reject the bookings.

No more phone calls and traditional log books.

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Why Choose eZi Condo?

Ezicondo will transform the way you interact with residents of your condo and they're pleased with your quick and prompt response.

Ezicondo is the next generation web and mobile condo management application that simplifies management.

Award-winning support

We are always ready to solve your problem, customer satisfaction is our prime goal with no deviation in quality.

Awesome design

User-friendly features will keep your residents and property managers happy to work.

Mobile Application

With the help of mobile application you can be stay tuned with your condo tasks and events.

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